New Delhi, September 25, 2018: Is your Cutting board Chemical-free? Aware customers who are most concerned about the hygiene in their kitchens, and theirfamily’s health will appreciate the totally chemical-free, bacteria-resistant Xylos Borneo Teak Boards.A cutting board is a durable board to place materials (like vegetables etc) for cutting, which is often made of wood and comes in various widths and sizes. Teak wood has many advantages over any other material, such as plastic, as it is somewhat self-healing; shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own and it also has natural anti-septic properties.

Xylos by Samling Global brings you the best qualityeco-friendly cutting boards made from solid Borneo Teak. Unlike any other material Borneo Teak is a unique and authentic precious wood that is naturally free from chemicals. Teak‘s tight grains and natural coloration make it a highly attractive cutting-board material, both for aesthetic and durability purposes. Borneo Teak, a tropical wood, contains components of natural oily resins which make it naturally immune to bacteria. The biggest advantage of these wooden boards is that they do not dull knives. Durability and sterling quality is your promise from Xylos, the premium brand from the international wood products innovator, Samling Global Limited.

Availability: Amazon, Flipkart.

Cost: Starting Range from Rs. 800.

Size:  Ranging from 130mm to 300mm in width and 180mm to 490mm in length

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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