New Delhi, August 17, 2018: Every year, World Photography Day is celebrated as a way to believe in the power that photography has to inspire, create positive impact and connect our communities. As they famously say, ‘A picture says a thousand words’, some of the most profound impact has been created across the world by pictures depicting unforgettable events.

On World Photography Day this year, here are a few must-have’s that will help you enhance your photography experience and enjoy the beauty around not just on this one day, but long after:

1. OPPO F7

Truly a Selfie Expert, OPPO F7 is powered by AI technology which helps you capture the most realistic and natural photos making every moment prefect. The F7 comes with a 25MP front camera with Sensor High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, plus new features including AI Beauty 2.0, Cover Shot, and AR (Augmented Reality) Stickers ensuring you not only take selfies to the next level, producing the most refined and vibrant photos, but also make them a lot more fun. The phone is available for 19,990-/

  1. Not just pictures, this World Photography Day, capture the best video as well
    Whenever we watch a video or picture, we do see and appreciate all the hard work and efforts that actors, actresses and models put in to give that perfect performance. However, more often than not, we do not realise all the efforts that go behind the scenes. Capturing the perfect video is no cakewalk, as one needs to continuously make sure both audio and video are perfectly captured. This World Photography Day, here is one must-have for all the photography and video graphy enthusiasts – the Sennheiser AVX. To assist them in capturing the best and enhancing their experience, Sennheiser’s AVX is the wireless and most relaxed way of capturing video sound. The number one choice for every videographer, it lightens the workload immediately: Once plugged in, it instantly takes away the audio part from the to-do-list. From now on, videographers can simply rely on perfect sound – and concentrate on what they really love to care about: to film great pictures.3. Honor 10

    AI 2.0 Camera 24MP + 16MP rear cameraThe Honor 10 24MP+16MP dual-lens AI camera was developed and supported by the AI chipset with built-in NPU, which means it recognizes 500+ scenarios in 22 categories in real-time. It can pinpoint the outlines of various surrounding objects, like the sky, plants, people or even a waterfall, and identify their locations instantly. This feature is supported by the industry-first Semantic Image Segmentation technology, which allows the Honor 10 to identify multiple objects in one single image. It is here where the Honor 10 really stands out from the crowd. These industry-first Honor 10 features apply scene-specific parameters to each photo in real-time when taking a picture, making every photo you take a professional shot with just one click.
    24MP front camera: Not only is the rear camera is supported by AI 2.0 technology, the Honor 10’s 24MP front camera is your intelligent selfie companion. It supports 3D face recognition, optimizes facial details and detects over a hundred facial points to pixel-level accuracy. The Honor 10 front camera also supports studio lighting effects with a range of lighting conditions. The advanced and precise facial recognition ensures an accurate bokeh, and captures subtle features of everyone’s face, even in a ‘groufie’ shot.

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