New Delhi, November 12, 2017: Aloe Vera has been known to have many medicinal benefits whereas; Litchi is known to be everyone’s favourite choice of fruit. Presenting a unique combination of Aloe Vera, Litchi and Green Tea in a never seen before avatar. India’s third largest packaged tea company Wagh Bakri introduces its all new flavoured Aloe Vera & Litchi ice tea and green tea along with other amazing flavours like Lemon, Orange, Peach & Khus and Saunf. The enriched antioxidants and pure juicy flavours of the refreshing Ice Tea will swirl in your mouth and give you an instant rush of energy. All you need to do is simply stir the premix with cold water to relish refreshing new flavour.

“People who are being health conscious are constantly in search of green tea or health drinks infused with Indian flavours. Wagh Bakri has created a new Indian essence with healthy and refreshing Aloe Vera & Litchi flavoured ice tea”, says Mr Parag Desai, Executive Director Wagh Bakri Tea Group.

Available in four refreshing flavours Aloe Vera & Litchi, Lemon, Orange, Peach & Khus and Saunf which comes in packaging of 25g priced at Rs.10/- (makes 2 glasses of ice tea), 250g priced at Rs.75/- (makes 20 glasses of ice tea) and 500g priced at Rs. 150/- (makes 40 glasses of ice tea).

The Wagh Bakri Ice Tea offers 1 Glass Free on the purchase of 1 pack of 250g priced at Rs.75/- Start collecting the glass to make it a set of 6 beautiful glasses and serve the refreshing flavours of ice tea as welcome drinks to your guests.

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