New Delhi, December 05, 2017: Vordosch, a leading German brand in India is of infinity water heaters has launched their new product ‘The Krystall Klar water strainer’.

The water we use contains great amount of dirt and particles which severely affect the installed accessories and appliances in our homes/factories and compromise their correct functioning. Equipment and appliances like bath fittings, shower heads, pumps, pipelines, washing machine, dishwasher etc get clogged and damaged due to the dirt particles in the water. The Krystall Klarwater strainer helps to filter out the dirt through its stainless steel mesh, resulting in clear water supply to the pipelines. It is easy to install and is suitable for residential and industrial use.

A list of product features:

  • Specifications: in the leaflet attached
  • Dimensions: in the leaflet attached
  • Product certifications (BIS, UL etc): does not require BISsince
  • it is a German Product.

List price (MRP): 4 sizes as follows:

  1. 1/2″ Rs 1999/-
  2. 3/4″ Rs 2199/-
  3. 1″ Rs 2499/-
  4. 1-1/4″ Rs 4999/-

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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