•  Viviana Mall brought one of a kind experience to Thane during Navratri by organizing soundless Garba Night
  • TV celebrity Ankitta Sharma was also present and grooved to the Garba tunes

Mumbai, November 06, 2018: In this day and age where scale and size are an indication of the extravagance and spends that organisers go through to ensure that they are seen as the biggest, loudest and therefore the best. Viviana Mall celebrated Garba Night with a silent twist, definitely leaving people with the biggest smiles, loudest cheers and therefore making it one of the the best celebrations in town. As the city is into Navratri festive mode, it is hard to miss the enthusiasm around the festival.  In its 2nd consecutive year of Soundless Garba Night, Viviana Mall with full zeal celebrated on 12th October with TV Actress Ankitta Sharma. Mall welcomed the Garba revellers to be a part of the celebration and groove to the music played using headphone.

Even though Navratri is all about soaking in the festive spirit, Viviana Mall celebrated the festival with an environmentally conscious approach. The topical court diktat that no DJ music is to be played at festivals was in the spirit to encourage communal participation, reverence and scaling down of the commercial nature of what should be a truly religious experience. Amid the places where noise-limit rules are flouted, Viviana Mall adhered by the law.

The essence of the festival stayed alive as the participants swayed their hands to the tracks played inside the headphone. For the spectators, it was a silent treat to watch people enjoy dancing without the loud music. Viviana Mall also organized a workshop on Garba Dance and Dandiya Making to set the tone of the festivities.

Commenting on the sidelines of the event, Ms Rima Pradhan, Sr VP-Marketing, Viviana Mall said, “Viviana Mall as a community centre has always celebrated festivities in a conscious way without losing the essence of the celebration. In our 2nd year of Soundless Garba Night event, we have received humongous enrollments which shows that how our customers are accepting this idea of celebration in a responsible way. Our main objective here is to curb noise pollution and promote the same among our customers. We as an entity are all the time socially aware and adopt ways of celebration which helps to create a livable environment.”

Festive season celebrations are prolonged at Viviana Mall with the much awaited Electronic Fest from 13th October to 19th October. The seven days long ‘Electronic fest’ is offering various exciting discounts on gadgets and appliances.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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