New Delhi, November 18, 2017: The fountain pen is the writing instrument that took the world by storm around three hundred years ago spreading literacy in a very big way, by making the very act of writing easier and writing instruments much more durable and convenient. The incomparable artist inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci created a few models of working fountain pens as early as the Renaissance.

In 1830, Perry and Company began manufacturing cheap, robust, steel pen nibs, giving a boost to the fountain pen industry. Three key inventions made the fountain pen hugely popular: the iridium tripped good nip, “hard” rubber and free-flowing ink. The Waterman 42 ‘safety pen’ used vulcanized rubber or ebonite and a retracting nib. The Conklin “crescent filler’, A.A. Waterman’s ‘twist filler’ and Walter A. Sheaffer’s ‘lever filler’ took the fountain pen story forward. Celluloid pens became the favored ones and Pelikan’s piston-filler revolutionized the way fountain pens were made which transcends the mundane daily use.

During the month of November, dedicated to the art of fine writing choose a superbly-crafted, intelligently designed fountain pen to rediscover the joys of elegantly, lucidly – expressed ideas, taking shape on blank paper. Relish a timeless art by putting down inventive ideas or beautiful thoughts, perhaps a loving message to a family member that they will treasure forever. As you press a finely engineered nib into soft yielding paper, the silken flow of the ink will bring a sense of tranquility in a world that spins with endless frenzy.

Why do the world’s most famous names produce so many fountain pens that become prized possessions to be handed down to the next generation? This is where precision engineering meets a variety of styles: some trendy, some memorable works of art. Would you store a text message for twenty years? But your grand child would want to show off a loving message with timeless sentiments expressed in flowing long-hand! Now, come to William Penn and discover a world of grace and charm. Feel time slow down for a while as you browse among evocative works of art: like the Lapis Bard or Caran d’ Ache collections or enjoy the beauty and legendary aura of a Sheaffer. Let Sailor’s ‘King of the Jungle’ show you how a fountain pen can resonate with artistry and majesty.

William Penn, the purveyor of premium writing instruments, started its operations in the year 2002, as a stationery and writing accessories store in Koramangala, Bangalore. In 2004, the first exclusive writing instrument store was established at Forum Mall, Bangalore. William Penn today has 27 exclusive outlets across 11 cities and more than 20 globally renowned brands on offer. From retailing at the best locations to offering a curated range of lifestyle accessories sourced from across the globe, William Penn takes that extra effort to give customers a world-class shopping experience.

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