New Delhi, November 23, 2017:

Event Listing:

Event: Centre Stage Creations presents ‘The Sabhagar Theatre Festival 2017’

Date: 7th December 2017 to 10th December 2017

Time: 6.30 pm Everyday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Venue: G D Birla Sabhagar

(29, Ashutosh Choudhury Avenue, Near Birla Mandir Kolkata 19)

About The Sabhagar Theatre Festival, 2017:
Centre Stage Creations presents The Sabhaghar Theatre Festival, 2017 themed on “Searching for Sanity” in its third year celebration! This year’s festival will feature a host of interesting performances and workshops from 7th to 10th December with some encompassing local and international theatre productions. Each play comes with its own flavour and features. For the first time Centre Stage Creations will witness its own production called, “trivisa”. Amol Palekar makes his comeback after 30 long years along with much acclaimed Usha Ganguly. 

Event Schedule & Brief: 

Day 1 (7th December’17) – Dairy of the Madman (English) cast – Robert Bowman


Considered by many to be Gogol’s best work, Diary of a Madman, is set in St Petersburg, Poprishchin is in his 40’s – a low ranking civil servant for the government, struggles to make his mark in life, but one day he makes an amazing discovery. Could he really be the next King of Spain?  This dark comedy focuses on how one man’s need for power throws him into surreal chaos – dogs talk, they write love letters, his bosses are mad and hell bent on destroying him. Driven insane by government bureaucracy and hierarchy, Gogol’s dark comedy exposes one man’s reality as he spirals deeper into a fantasy world.

Day 2 (8th December’17) – Nirbhaya (Bengali) directed by Koushik Sen


Nirbhaya” an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s “Mother Courage and her Children” conceives of war as a “continuation of business by other means.” The play revolves around a small business woman parasitically living off the war with her canteen wagon. She loses both her sons in the war and her dumb daughter is shot as she beats a drum to warn the town of an impending attack. She is left alone with her wagon, old, but indomitably businesslike. War not only takes back for what it has provided her in flesh but also shows us how it makes “human virtues fall fatale even to their possessors”.     

Day 3 & 4 (9th & 10th Dec’17) – “trivisa” – The three poisons (Hindi) directed by Vinay Sharma

 Cast – Amol Palekar, Usha Ganguly & Anubha Fatehpuria


An old couple and a young girl live in a small house. The girl keeps to herself in the attic. She wears a blindfold and remains silent. It seems she has lost her memory. The man believes they are trapped in a space where time has no meaning, where the same day repeats itself endlessly and which they cannot leave till the girl regains her memory. As the day replays itself again and again, the man, with his wife’s help, tries to provoke the girl to speak. The denouement depicts the traumatic reasons behind their entrapment. trivisa or the three poisons in Mahayana Buddhism are Delusion (mohaoravidya); Attachment (raga) and Hatred (dvesha). Considered to be the root of craving (tanha) and therefore, in part, the cause of Suffering (dukkha) and rebirths. The play draws upon this conceptual framework to depict a contemporary and urban tale about relationships and about history.

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