New Delhi, November 10, 2017: Deodorants in Thailand are found in form of deodorant creams/ gels, deodorant pumps, deodorant roll-ons, deodorant sprays, deodorant sticks, deodorant wipes for men and women. The products are sold across all retail channels including direct to consumer and selective outlets. The factors affecting the deodorants market in Thailand are population, consumer price index (CPI), gross domestic product (GDP), and exchange rates.

Deodorant or antiperspirants are primarily used to avoid sweat and odour on human body.  Simple deodorants neutralize or mask the odour of underarm perspiration or sweat. Antiperspirants are used to close the pores on human skin to stop sweat. However, prolonged use of antiperspirants causes damage to the blood-brain barrier, various cancers, and renal (kidney) difficulties. Therefore, antiperspirants are not considered as natural/organic products.

According to the report, “Deodorants in Thailand”, the demand for deodorants in Thailand has significantly increased in hygiene-consciousness and appearance amongst Thai consumers. Deodorants of wide range have been formulated with multiple benefits, including strong protection, efficacy and strength. Almost all the deodorants in Thailand are labelled highlighting different claims and are used as the selling points or influential factor in the purchasing decision of a consumer.

It has been observed that many people in Thailand have given up on natural deodorants stating they don’t work. Natural deodorant is a different product than conventional deodorant and antiperspirant and requires special treatment. For instance, crystal had been a large block of natural mineral salt with aluminium chloride and aluminium chlorohydrate which was used for water purification in the yesteryears. Later, it was used to combat the bacteria that causes body odour. By wetting the crystal rock and smoothing on the human skin, an invisible salt film used to be formed on the surface of the skin. The product was in great demand for many years but now it is out of sight due to its aluminium content resulting in many diseases.

Beiersdorf Thailand is the leading competitor in the deodorants market in Thailand currently, followed by Unilever Thai Holdings in the second place. The leading companies offer diverse products in different formats for both men and women. These companies invest more funds for the invention and improvement of the deodorant products to attract consumers.

The country’s market is expected to register a decent growth in the coming years. The increasing demand for deodorants in Thailand for both business and leisure utilization will witness a positive growth. Thai consumers are leading more active lifestyles, participating in more exercise and outdoor activities which will undoubtedly boost the consumption of deodorants in the coming years.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Thailand Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry Report

Thailand Deodorants Market Research Report

Thailand Deodorants Import Value

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Global Deodorants Market Analysis Report

Thailand Roll-On Deodorants Market Demand Changes

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Thailand Gel Deodorants Market Revenue

Thailand Spray Deodorants Export Value

Thailand Antiperspirants Market Size

Thailand Natural Deodorants Market Growth Opportunities

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