New Delhi, October 16, 2018: Technology has evolved tremendously, paving way for ensuring effective art of parenting. Innovators and developers from all over the world are creating application, softwares and platforms to help parents go about the hallowed responsibility of shaping a life of their child. Modern parents are adopting these changes for the betterment of their children as well as making their own tasks, as parents, much easier. After all, striking the right balance between care, love, discipline, encouragement, education and fun isn’t child’s play!

Parents have a responsibility to know how their children are doing in studies, and that entails more than signing off on a few report cards each year. Busy parents shuffle work, activities and a host of other obligations, and monitoring your child’s education should be at the top of that to-do list. With the advancement in technology, tracking of child’s progress has become an easy task to do.

Some tech-savvy parents are using and even customizing mobile applications to aid them in achieving their parenting goals.

In lieu to above, TruMath (,


unique online education platform for students across the nation to study Mathematics has designed an application for Parents that help them track their child’s progress on daily basis – The application enables parents to stay-up-to-date with their child’s progress on TruMath application on daily basis. The TruMath Parent application is designed to provide real-time update to parents regarding student’s progress and help them to get involved in their studies. Few features parents can use while tracking their child’s are tracking child’s class attendance, review assignments, compare their child with others, can check daily homework, directly connect with mentors etc.

The TruMath Parent Applications is designed to build a strong and smooth connect between parent, teach and child. The application allows working parents to know and track child’s progress and know when their child needs their attention in the Maths subject.

To elaborate the same, we would be happy to connect you with Mr. Sachin Gulati, Founder, TruMath

 who can shed some light on

the same:

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