New Delhi, August 01, 2017: According to the research report, ‘Indian Baby Care Market Outlook to 2022’, baby care market in India is still being on the pace of development and is on a continuous transformational phase. It is estimated that the sector will post a CAGR of over 15% during 2015-2022. In India, the demand for baby & mother care products is high due to a number of factors such as high disposable income, rising number of nuclear families and high awareness of non-toxic baby products. With an estimated 26 million children born every year in the country, the market is open to innovation. Tapping this potential market in India, the European baby & mother care brand, U Grow recently made a grand entry in India with a plan to invest USD 2 million in the country to build their brand in addition to the launch of more than 80 products in the market.

Mr. Gerald Paul Kherkhes, Business Head, Europe Team, U-Grow said, “In a short span of time, U-Grow has become a renowned European brand in Romania. We feel that India has a potential market as the baby care industry is growing really well. We intend to conquer the market segment with products to satisfy our customers’ needs, promoting quality, affordable health, and safety. We will expand U-Grow across pan India in metro and Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. We want to mark our presence in the Indian market as well as international space.” 

Innumerable Baby Care Products

The company offers a wide range of baby care products that cater to the growing demand for the innovative, high-quality baby care products that are based on today’s technology. The product range has been categorized into 5 sections namely Health, Feeding, Hygiene, Child’s bedroom and traveling. Some of the exclusive products of the brand are-

  • Health—Nasal Aspirator, Contactless Infrared Thermometer, Breast Pumps, Nebulizer
  • Feeding—Silicone Baby Bottles with Temperature Sensors, Baby Bottle Sterilizer
  • Hygiene—Urinal, Folding Bathtub & Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Child’s Bedroom—Clothes Stand, Fox & Owl Bed
  • Traveling—Folding Stroller, Inflatable Car Mattress

The products are a perfect combination of comfort, convenience, ergonomics, and functionality. The company is marking its debut in India with more than 80 products and has appointed ‘Sunheri’ as their partner in India. Commenting on U-Grow’s association with Sunheri Group, Mr. Vijay Goel, Director, Sunheri Marketing Pvt. Ltd., said, “The company Sunheri Marketing Pvt. Ltd. has collaborated with U Grow, which is a European brand for baby and mother care products. It is well-renowned for its comfort, convenience, ergonomics, and functionality. It deals in 5 categories, i.e. health, feeding, hygiene, child’s bedroom and traveling. Today’s mothers are sensitive about the quality of the products & only choose the best. It is our endeavor to give our customers an experience of being pampered with technology, care, and love.” 

Expansion Plans in the Pipeline

The company is planning to expand further in the near future. Elaborating on the expansion plans, Mr. Gerald Paul Kherkhes says, “U-Grow products will be available in all the leading baby stores & pharmacies across India. We do have plans to come online with U-Grow. The brand will soon be present on various portals like Amazon,, Flipkart, Paytm, Groffers, BigBasket, and Ebay.” Mr. Vijay Goel added that “We have appointed 20 distributors in the country with the focus on Tier-1 market. Right now, we’ll be importing the products and will focus on brand building in the top metro cities.” 

U-Grow respond to the human needs and aims that every parent regardless of the social class, affords a quality product with safety for children. The products are safe with BPA free and are non-toxic.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)



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