New Delhi, May 06, 2018: Even as online and organized retail is picking up steam in India, there are still nine million kirana stores in the country that form the so-called unorganized retail sector. These kirana stores cater to the needs of 90% of consumers or 1.2 billionpeople, accounting for an estimated 750 million transaction daily which are equivalent to nearly USD 120 billion in gross merchandise value. However, most of these stores have no digital connectivity, which means that the store owners don’t have data-driven insights to serve their customers better and FMCG brands have no store-level data of how consumers are shopping in these stores.

Snapbizz, started in 2013, is bridging this gap by using technology to increase the revenue of kirana store owners, from increased sales to customers and brand advertisements. Snapbizz offers the kirana stores a touch-screen tablet, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, a scanner, a printer and an LED display screen. This enables the kirana store owner to carry out everyday store operations like billing, and through Microsoft cloud services, inventory management, supply chain management and in-store contextual brand advertisements. This makes daily operations simpler, procurement more efficient, creates additional revenue source and also allows kirana store owners to file their GST returns effortlessly.

Snapbizz solution is currently being used by over 3,000 kirana stores and 25 FMCG brands. Some kirana store owners have seen their profits increase by up to 25%. The effectivenessof the solution has enabled Snapbizz to witness demand from similar markets like the Philippines, Indonesia & Vietnam.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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