• Musical event celebrated on the occasion of Guru Purnima
  • 45 Performances by more than 100 Students and three music research projects was presented by Students of Sangeet Sadhana
  • The event was organised to promote Hindustani Classical Music for the Youth

Bangalore, August 01, 2018: Sangeet Sadhana (School of Music and Arts) organizes ‘Swararpan’ to celebrate Guru Purnima.  More than 100 dedicated students of Sangeet Sadhana presented 45 performances on this special occasion. The school students also presented research projects on Philately and Guru-Shishya Parampara, and screened a special documentary on healing through classical music.

Swararpan had various categories based on various age groups who performed Traditional bandishes, Ghazals, Thumris, Horis and Jhulas in a vast array of Ragas; a mix of pure classical and light classical forms. Since the occasion of Guru Purnima is to express gratitude and pay tribute to ‘Gurus’, the students from the school also presented exhibition of stamps of various legendary artists of Indian classical music and presented concepts of the‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’, which is one of the core values Sangeet Sadhana. Another interesting documentary was presented by the group of students on how music can help in removing stress from people’s lives. The exclusive documentary by the students of Sangeet Sadhana, with help and support from professional directors and camera persons, named ‘RaagAnubhav‘, was screened for the first time, during the event at Shukra Auditorium, in Malleswaram.

Speaking on this occasion, Smt. Anindita Mukherjee, Founder,S angeet Sadhana “I am very happy that our students have organized ‘Swararpan‘, offering their homage to their own Gurus and also to the legendary Gurus of Hindustani Classical music, who have always inspired us and been revered by all of us here at Sangeet Sadhana. The students` incessant efforts and their devotion for the music has helped this event to be a grand success. Even the gurus and my senior disciples paid their respects and tribute to their Gurus with their ‘swaras’, giving the true meaning to ‘Swar-arpan’. “

She added, “This event is a celebration of the ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’- a tradition which has existed in our country since the ancient era; to revive this culture in this modern era.  Through this musical event, the school offered opportunities for the students to prepare them for future. The learning which is being offered to them will not only help them to gain knowledge about Hindustani classical music but also encourage them to perform”.

Sangeet Sadhana’s objective through these special events is also to promote Hindustani classical music, provide several platforms for the students pursuing music and also to inspire and encourage the youth to pursue music. Sangeet Sadhana follows the authentic and traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara, however the school strives to provide a modern approach of teaching methods to give individual attention to each and every student. The teachers closely nurture the students to improve their musical skills and sensibilities. Events like ‘Swararpan‘ are organized every year to celebrate and promote Indian classical music. These events and offerings are very important to create awareness and a sense of appreciation for the traditional art forms, such as Hindustani Classical Music.

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