New Delhi, January 13, 2018: Fitness wearables are no longer just a matter of wrist straps or pieces of practical jewelry. Such technology now works via our clothing.  are all set to supercharge the fashion industry in the years to come.

We are fortunate to have been living in an era which will go down in history as the apogee of technological advancement.Technology is an indispensable part of our life today. It has thoroughly morphed all aspects of human life —right from the way we communicate,travel, exchange information to the way we eat, live and drink. Hence, it is but only natural that technology has heralded a propitious change in the way we dress and clothe ourselves today.

According to reports published in after the huge success of fitness wearables like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Polar fitness monitors, etc., etc., smartness and intelligence is progressively making inroads into the clothes we wear. The fashion world, more so in the last few years, is abuzz with words like wearable technology, smart garments, intelligent garments, e-textiles, etc.

Although used interchangeably, in a broad sense, they all refer to any piece of clothing with integrated sensors and digital components. The integrated technology monitors the physical conditions of the user and uses big data analytics to predict and show the results.Newer smart clothing technologies can also sense and monitor the environment condition as well.


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