Bengaluru, March 16, 2018: SleepyCat, India’s first Mattress-in-a-Box Company has achieved the milestone of selling over 2000 mattresses online in 6 months. The company uses advanced technology to easily roll-pack a mattress into one-third of its normal size, and ships straight to the customer’s door in a neat box.

SleepyCat, founded by 29-year old entrepreneur, Mr. Kabir Siddiq in September 2017, is meant to address the hassles of shopping for a mattress. The company retails exclusively online, and cuts out a lot of frills that, according to the founder, end up inflating the cost to customer by almost 60%. The company was launched in Amazon Launchpad and sold over 30 mattresses in its first week.

The company is extremely popular in urban metros such as Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi – which have a vast, young, migrant population setting up homes for the first time.

Kabir Siddiq said, “SleepyCat was founded with the idea of making the whole mattress shopping experience simple. The young Indian doesn’t want to spend a fortune, even if they do have it, on buying a mattress. At the same time, this is probably the most important purchase of our young lives – crucial for good sleep! I realised that we spend a lot of time looking for the right mattress, researching about the thickness, materials etc and end up with something that we don’t even like after a week. SleepyCat addresses all these issues, and obviously we are doing something right as seen by the great demand for our product. We’ve had to restock much earlier than anticipated twice!”

Owing to the demographic dividend such as rising young population, rising standards of living, the India mattress market revenues has grown. According to the KEN Report, the India mattress market will grow at a considerable CAGR rate thus reaching over INR 100 billion by 2020and The India online mattress market is booming consistently and is pegged to become INR 290 crore market in FY’2020.

The SleepyCat Mattress:

Customers are happy and satisfied with the service and the mattress as it cuts out all the middleman cost involved and the mattress is delivered straight from the factory to your doorstep and also the box mattress concept is new in India and SleepyCat box mattress has been perfectly crafted for the Indian consumer after carefully observing the traditional mattress industry in India and focuses on the four key factors that affect a person’s sleep: comfort, support, temperature and durability, and simplifies the process of mattress buying.

SleepyCat team also donates one SleepyCat mattress to the needy for every 10 mattresses they sell. So, the customer can also be sure that their purchase is also giving back to the community.

The SleepyCat mattress, which is available in all the standard sizes, is a premium 6-inch mattress with 1-inch of gel-memory foam and a 5-inch durable high-density base foam to provide support and bounce and also works as a therapeutic layer. It has specialized zipper covers as well which allow you breath-ability and airflow, and can be removed to keep clean and maintain hygiene. The mattress which is cost effective compared to other traditional mattress companies.

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