New Delhi, May 16, 2018: Themes dear to the heart of Swiss identity, coexist with motifs and shades trending on international fashion runways. Instantly identifiable as the ultimate emblem of the MaisonCarand’Ache, the 849 pen has a hexagonal shape and the ultra-comfortable proportions of an iconic model. Heir to the principles of industrial design and its ergonomic concerns, the 849 and its purist architecture is the source of continuous stylistic renewal, designed for the long term.

The exceptional performance of the Goliath cartridge, capable of writing up to 600 flawless A4 pages, complements the timeless design of the 849. The ultra-thin and light aluminum case rounds off the designer look of these models. Carand’Ache presents the 849 Fountain Pen, the latest addition to the indispensable and emblematic 849 collections. With its unique design and 100% Swiss Made quality, the 849 Fountain Pen becomes an essential daily companion. The classic workmanship & craftsmanship is displayed to perfection in the hexagonal shape, highlighted by the eye-catching yellow, green, orange and other colors of the Caran d’ Ache 849 pen.

Fluorescent, energizing colors that draw attention to the light yet robust aluminum body; these iconic pens are must-have for every gentleman who appreciates the bold creative spirit of Caran d’ Ache, wedded to the perfection of 100% Swiss precision. The nib is available in 3 sizes, with the Caran d’ Ache logo. Every fountain pen comes in an attractive red and white box. The luxury writing element has been brought to bear on this office line to create high-performance writing instruments with a touch of the Caran d’ ache logo on each crown.

Great for gifting or for oneself, the owner will want to take it everywhere!

Priced at Rs 4500/-

The Caran d’ Ache collection is available exclusively at William Penn stores and online at

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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