New Delhi, May 31, 2018: For all the adventures, the lively chats and for all the love and support, Dad has been a shoulder to lean on and deserves nothing but the best this Father’s Day.

Shower your love and gift him something endearing from Le Creuset’s quintessential Wine & Cheese collection, as the French Cookware brand sure knows how to add a touch of style to his bar.

Le Creuset offers a range of products to pamper your father on this special day. For quick, effortless opening, the Le Creuset LM150 Lever Model offers a swift and simple ‘up and down’ motion; whilst the lightweight Le Creuset Waiters Corkscrew is compact and easy for a cheese and wine party. A show-stopping Le Creuset Vitesse fountain is known to add a touch of theatre to any occasion, whereas the Wine stoppers are just the perfect solution to your Bar needs.

The collection is available in a range of sizes to s​​uit all bar requirements.

Le Creuset is famous for its world-class innovations in luxury cookware and bar accessories. The premium quality of the products sustains its reputation with a focus on blending functionality with luxury.

With an exclusive assortment of gifts ranging from wine openers to essential gift sets, Le Creuset is guaranteed to have the perfect gift for your Dad. So raise a toast to your main man with Le Creuset’s iconic Wine & Cheese collection this Father’s Day!

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire) 


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