New delhi, April 18, 2018: Horra, which is known for the perfection of its craft, has launched a range of luxurious men bags. Your personality may be bold or shy, witty or clever, but Horra bags will remain a classic favourite.  The end result of a perfect fusion of elegant designs and excellent craftsmanship are these stylish laptop bags designed to be fairly lightweight, tote bags which are modernized and softened version of the briefcase, dazzling duffles or trendy travel bags which are robust and resistant to rough handling. These bags are a smart choice to opt for with colours that lure. These luxury murses define your style and add to your panache.

Shout out to the world your taste in fashion and style.  The alluring shades of the bags can unleash the fashionable self. With a flap, you are ready to head out for an adventure. These bags are a “must-have” to pair with your formal and informal ensembles. Horra, is a “feel-good” fashion brand that redefines the concept of luxury through fashion accessories that are premium in quality yet, affordable. So this summer with Horra men bags leave everyone stunned with good fashion taste. Raise the bar of your style statement with these stunning accessories from Horra!

Price Range: Starting from Rs. 1500 and above.

​Available at:​

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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