~ A healthy alternative to the white bread, offering on subscriptions in Bangalore ~

Bengaluru, March 25, 2018: Pristine Organics, food technology & FMCG Company, pioneering research in Food R&D has always been embedded in tradition whilst updating in the new sciences. What better way than to do so with a healthy breakfast? Introducing Pristine Organic Multi Millet Bread, the goodness of bread and nutrients of Millets all in one!

Bread has been most popular staple food around the world since ancient times, but one of the most common asked question- Is White Bread Bad for Your Health? These high in carbs, has many adverse effects to human body than one could realize. White Bread, like the sun has been known to rise with the yeast and settle in the waist. Pristine Multi Millet Bread, a healthy alternative to the white bread. Rich in fiber, provides high satiety as compared to other breads and is infused with omega rich oil seeds as well.

Pristine Multi Millet Bread is made from rare and exotic millets. One of the most drought resistant crops, millets is one of the ancient and oldest foods known to mankind. This crop constitutes a major source of carbohydrates and proteins

It is good for cholesterol reduction, heart health, sugar control and weight management. An ideal healthy breakfast sandwich or toast!

Available in organic stores in Bangalore at an MRP of Rs. 100/-

On subscription basis is available at www.pristineorganics.com across Bangalore

Priced at Rs. 700/-, subscribers will receive 2 loaves per week for a subscription of 1 month.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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