New Delhi,  May 06, 2018: The glamorous Night Rod collection offers dramatic lighting for elegant urban spaces.

Long prisms of optical grade glass are held tightly together in a staggered effect, within a skeleton of either plated bronze or natural metal. The triangular shape of the prisms reflects and refracts the light on all sides in a shimmering dance of sparkle.


Inspired by a vintage 1950s holophane streetlight from Tim’s personal collection, the Globe pendant reinterprets European industrial lighting into a morerefined piece for the home.

The cast glass globe has a distinctive grid texture and is finished in either clear glass with a brass dome for a classic look, or smoked glass with an iridescent Petrol metal dome for a more contemporary twist.


The Baster table lamp is handcrafted from a smooth column of alabaster, a soft, fine-grained mineral stone often used to make impressive carvings of statues and ornaments.

Its pure whiteness was prized by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks who often used alabaster in their sculpture work. The stone is translucent, giving it a warm, soft glow when the lamp is switched on.

Finished with a metal disc base and simple white shade.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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