Bengaluru, February 24, 2018: Mustache Under My Nose-Ring – A gender neutral fashion, design and beauty initiative by Bengaluru based non-binary filmmaker Shailaja Padindala & Chennai fashion design Purushu Arie.


Mustache under my nose ring is an attempt to create an inclusive gender neutral community of fashion, design and beauty. The crux of this initiative is to break stereotypes about how beauty is defined and expectations are set for women and men. The absence of body hair for women (especially facial and armpit hair) and the presence of the very same to be a man (moustache as a sign of manliness) are cultural boundaries that aim to constrict the idea of gender and beauty.

Clothes, skin tone and even mannerisms are other aritificial boundaries perpetuated and habituated as dogmatic socio-cultural norms. Mustache under my nose-ring is a movement to address the evolving form of feminine and masculine beauty and how it meets the eye of the beholder.

Mustache under my nose-ring portrays often overlooked alternative realities that are often too raw for the society where we are building walls and wearing masks – A society that finds it uneasy to acknowledge that there’s no masculinity without femininity and the other way around. It’s never just this or that, it’s always a bit of this and that.

Model: Shailaja Padindala

Photography: Vishnu Dev

Costume & Styling: Purushu Arie

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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