Bangalore, May 30, 2017: 

Event: Musical Ensemble at Phoenix Marketcity
Event Dates: 2nd to 4th May 2017 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Venue: Concert Lane (Courtyard), Phoenix Marketcity
Timings: 6:00 PM onwards
Entry: Open For All

Aayushi Karnik Ensemble

Performance Date – 2nd June 2017 (Friday)

The Aayushi Karnik Ensemble is a collaboration of the “Beer Puppets” coming together with the 22 Year Old Guitarist/Singer /Songwriter from Surat, Gujarat, Aayushi Karnik. Being a former Architecture student, Aayushi soon realized that she wanted to play guitar and take music professionally. Currently she is working on her own music and planning to go solo as a musician and songwriter.

As for the “Beer Puppets”, this name is little tricky which doesn’t really indicate the kind of music being played. Jazz spreads a rich vibe enabling everyone to swing and tap their toes. While listening to the soulful music with beer, implies an adrenaline to jive on. Hence the name being conceptualized in a simple yet catchy epithet as “BEER PUPPETS”. The band comprises of Aayushi Karnik on Guitar and Vocals, Avishek Dey on Bass, Ashwin Shekhar on drums , Joshua Costa on keys / piano and Shreya Bhattacharya on Vocals. Being heavily influenced by varied styles of music ranging from Rock to Blues to Jazz and Funk, the Ensemble plays a host of tunes covering these genres and more. The group is currently touring various venues across multiple cities and is excited to be performing at the Phoenix Market City, Bangalore on 2nd of June.


Performance Date – 3rd June 2017 (Saturday)

Exercise is for body, music is for soul. Swaralayamrutha treats your soul with live music!

Swaralayamrutha“, consisting of Nagendra Prasad (Mrudangam and Latin percussions), Bharath Aatreyas (Bansuri) and Pranav Dath (Rhythm Pads and Drums). Since each member of the band was trained in Indian classical music, they as a team have been performing at the most highly respected venues in the city and the country starting from Sri Dattatreya temple in Thygarajanagar, Bangalore to sacred venues up till Varanasi. Presently the team has 3 more members who are also classically trained musicians namely Sumukh Chandra (Violin), Sharan Rao (Keys). The inclusion of these three hot heads made possible for “Swaralayamrutha” to reach out to a unique genre. Band also presents other genres like Jazz, Blues and filmy music.



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