New Delhi, December 02, 2018: Twenty-four percent of Millennials have falsely reported an unpleasant experience to a customer service department with the expectation of a receiving a discount or coupon, according to a survey from UJET.

The study’s findings show that Millennials are more eager than Gen-Xers (14 percent) and Baby Boomers (two percent) “to take advantage of a retailer’s goodwill efforts to make up for a bad experience.”

According to reports published in the survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers found that Millennials hold a dimmer view of customer service and the benefit of store associates while being much more open to complaining if service levels fall short.

  • Sixty percent of Millennials said customer service is as important as quality and price, versus 67 percent of Gen-Xers and 71 percent of Boomers;
  • Forty-seven percent of Millennials say they would rather purchase the wrong item and later return it than speak to a store associate; 38 percent of Gen-Xers and only 18 percent of Boomers said the same;
  • Fifty-five percent of Millennials are more likely to write a negative review online if they’ve had a poor experience with a brand’s customer support department, compared to 38 percent of Boomers.

UJET said Millennials’ readiness to punish businesses that deliver poor experiences — whether through posting poor reviews or seeking discounts — points to a need for real-time communications for customer support across channels according to 

“The Millennial generation is changing the very nature of customer support,” according to the report. “Today’s smartphone and IoT-centric society has created a culture of immediate gratification and digital interactions; the explosion of on-demand services has driven a monumental change in consumer’s expectations for convenience, which extends beyond ease of purchase to customer service and support.”


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