New Delhi, January 10, 2019: All day long our feet are locked in our shoes, a poorly ventilated environment. So, it is necessary to wear quality shoes which keep your feet comfortable and in shape. Metro’s 2019 collection of shoes is the perfect mix of comfort at an affordable price. Metro Shoes offer the one-stop destination to pick the right pair of footwear. They offer myriads of options from leading footwear brands, all under one roof. Delivering quality footwear that flaunts style is the ‘Metro Motto’. Their exotic collection of fashionably savvy footwear is available at amazing prices that will truly surprise you. So be a shoe-holic with Metro.
Fur- Add a touch of unique style 
Fur provides a decadent feel to all the accessories it adorns. Fur on shoes gives it the required unique touch and is one of the best supporting materials for shoes. Metro’s fur shoe collection provides and newness and a shift from the cliché styles.
Sneakers- Simplicity is the key
More than a practical piece of footwear, the humble sneaker has far exceeded function these days, crossing over into fashion-forward territory. Metro’s range of sneakers is a mixed bag of simple as well as chunky designs.
Floral- Keep it vibrant
Florals mean warmth and ornate femininity if this season’s collections have anything to say in the matter. Shop from Metro’s delicate, girlish and mysteriously alluring floral collection to add a pop of freshness to your look.
Formal Shoes- Let’s get classy
This perfect gentleman style is a favorite for all. It is the go-to pair of shoes every person must own. Metro has a wide range of formal shoes for men, women and kids in all different colors and styles.
Straps- Get strappy
This is the new sandal trend is everywhere. Straps are a classic shoe design element that can be both casual or more upscale and Metro offers a range of these classy shoes.
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