New Delhi, February 27, 2018: Matcha Culture’s experts ensure that only the freshest and finest leaves are handpicked and stone grounded into a delicate powder without sieving, which ensures that 100% nutritional value is extracted from the leaves. This passionate process makes the Matcha potent with nutrients. Making one cup of Matcha Green Tea is equivalent to drinking 10 tea cups of your traditional green tea.

Grades of Matcha Tea Available – 

The brand currently specialises in three different grades of tea which are the “Ceremonial Grade”, which is the purest and finest Matcha grade and has the maximum nutrients with a delicate flavour profile. The “Premium Grade”, which is best used to make milk based drinks such as Matcha lattes and smoothies. And finally the “Culinary Grade” which is used for baking and cooking to add a lovely dash of the Matcha flavour for healthy gluten free treat.

Benefits of Matcha Tea sourced by Matcha Culture  – 

  • It is popularly used in sweet/savoury foods, drinks such as tea, smoothies, lattes, pancakes, milkshakes, cakes, chocolates, soups and even beauty masks!
  • With a fast growing demand for food and beverages in India, there is a new found appreciation seen by the consumers in India healthier alternatives.
  • Matcha provides its daily consumers a plethora of health benefits. It is a detoxifier, antioxidant powerhouse, cleanser; it increases the body’s metabolism and boosts the overall immunity.
  • The miracle superfood also has added benefits towards weight loss. It has been scientifically proven to accelerate the body’s metabolism, which leads to burning calories up to 40% faster than your usual weigh loss supplements, therefore it is a popular pre-workout drink.

Sourcing Of Matcha Tea 

Matcha Culture sources its Matcha Leaves from farmlands in Kyoto, Japan where it is grown in the right climatic conditions, fertile soil and hilly terrains with the availability of fresh water. With all this, the legacy of cultivating methods makes Kyoto’s farmlands the ideal nurturing ground for the most authentic matcha grown.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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