New Delhi, February 14, 2018: Inspired by Vogl’s personal experience looking for trendy and modest clothes, the small clothing brand’s standout pieces comprise maxi dresses, versatile cardigans and hand-dyed hijabs. Accented with asymmetric buttons, the maxi apparel is a modern spin on a timeless classic and cardigans come in sleeveless and complete sleeve styles for layering-look choices. Even the hijabs are all hand-dyed in versatile fabrics which makes them ideal for any event.
Macy’s has launched what it describes as a “little clothing manufacturer” — the Verona Collection — targeting Muslims and women seeking conservative styling. Macy’s New Verona Collection Includes Hijabs The Verona Collection will feature a curated choice of versatile, ready-to-wear pieces including dresses, shirts, cardigans, pants and hijabs in a variety of colors and fabrics. “Verona Collection is over a clothes brand. It’s a stage for a community of girls to express their identity and adopt fashion which makes them feel confident on the inside and out,” explained Vogl. “Macy’s has become an wonderful partner, helping us strengthen the foundation of our business through The Workshop in Macy’s and now introducing our new to their customers through this collaboration.”


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