Mumbai, November 07, 2018: The master courtiers, KALKI Fashion will launch #LightUpWithKALKI, its festive marketing campaign for 2018. Being a two years of successful practice even this year, where people will be gearing up for their Diwali parties and for a major wardrobe revamp with the fabulous festive collection, KALKI Fashion decides to take an initiative for all the under privileged to light up their Diwali.

The primary concept of the campaign revolves around Diwali and focuses on how it is a great time to be a tad more indulgent than usual to make the needy ones happy.

As a brand, we want to come together with you and celebrate Diwali as a festival of kindness by helping you donate clothes to homeless kids and the underprivileged. While you go about cleaning your house and closet before Diwali, all you need to do is separate your unused and lesser used clothes from the rest.

To support this wonderful initiative this festive season, this bagful of your old clothes that are in good, wearable condition will be put to a better use than as closet fixtures.

KALKI Fashion, therefore invites all the customers to Light up someone else’s Diwali by placing a high importance on clothing the unprosperous.

Come; drop in your bag of unwanted clothing at any KALKI store near you. All kinds of goods are welcomed – T-shirts, old sheets, socks etc.

The ambition has always been to make it as easy as possible for the customers to give their garments that will help someone gain a new life.  The donated clothes will be taken by the KALKI car to give the homeless a gift of hope for future.

All the donated clothes will be given as a charity to the less privileged in order to light up their Diwali and soak them in happy vibes. This initiative is a small step towards helping other people light up & celebrates Diwali with joy.

You know what’s more interesting? For every bag of goods you drop off, you’ll receive double the points in your KALKI Wallet at all KALKI Fashion Stores towards your next exciting Diwali purchase.

So join the movement and head over to the KALKI store with your clothes that you wish to donate & avail exciting discount while giving poverty-stricken an ability to socialize, express themselves, and feel dignified. KALKI Fashion has come up with #LightUpWithKALKI campaign to lead this charitable cause on social media.

The Donation booth & the offer are presently valid at KALKI’s Santacruz, Worli, Goregaon & Viviana outlet.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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