New Delhi, June 21, 2018: For all of us who love tea & pop culture equally, Pop Chai, a new kid in town brings to youa new kind oftea – Bubble Tea! Loaded with chewy black balls, called the tapioca balls or boba or pearls,and fruit poppers that blast in your mouth, this Taiwan-inspired tea with a fat straw is what we all need to try!

Bringing in a tea trend that has been loved across the globe, Pop Chai ambits to add a pop of fun to the regular tea experience. Served warm or ice cold as per one’s preferences, Bubble Tea comes in a variety of milk-based &fruit-basedteas and is more like a quirky snack & drink in one.

Pop Chai bubbles in the authentic taste of the Taiwanese tea and experiments with the undertones to bring about a colourful burst of flavours, making you feel satiated with a happy belly and a thriving heart.So, calling out all the chai-lovers & everyone looking to try something new, toothsome & filling, welcome to our cool bubble!

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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