• Elegant look, Silver Finish, Resistance to corrosion

New Delhi, December 29, 2018: Kraft, a pioneer in household appliances extends its portfolio to Kitchenware with‘Celebration 60 pc Dinner Set’ ideal for THE BIG FAT INDIAN FAMILY. A true masterpiece of art in 100% Stainless steel is carved in the finest of textural finesse with design that complements the Indian food.

The 60 pc Set includes the complete Dinner Set comprising of Plates, Casseroles, Dinner Bowls, Glasses and several other components enriching your dining experience. Combining the neat design and its mirror finish, the highly durable rust proof set also has an excellent luster which makes it attractive and more presentable.

The set is strong in construction and will not bend or have dents during normal use. Being stainless steel, it’s low in maintenance and also very hygienic to use. The set is designed so as it can be nested one into another and therefore helping save shelf space in the kitchen.

The product is available with leading retail stores across India.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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