Mumbai, February 06, 2018: The world’s eyes were set on NexBrand’s Brand Summit, held at Mumbai’s swanky ITC Grand Maratha Hotel. India’s crème de la crème across various sectors were being honoured on NexBrand’s prestigious stage, Mr. Karan Israni CMD CK Israni Group got this honored to received such prestigious award from Mr. Arjun Rampal. The glittering night honored those who are powering India’s growth to a global superpower. On third edition of Brand Vision Summit’s magnanimous.

Mr. Karan Israni, CMD CK Israni Group – It’s an honour to receive such a prestigious award it always gives encouragement for future prospects. Brand vision summit gives a platform to the brands to appraise them for the  their best performance, I would like to thank NexBrands for this respect.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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