Accessible luxury footwear brand Oceedee has launched it’s digital-first brand campaign to unveil its proposition – Strut Your Quirk.

New Delhi, October 31, 2017: From its inception, Oceedee has focused on giving women customized, personalized shoes, so it was only natural that the brand’s first campaign is a reflection of that.

The campaign launches with a charming film cut from a social experiment of sorts. Several diverse, fun couples were asked the same, simple question – why do you love her? The answers are strange and assorted, but they all have one thing in common, inspiring the closing line of the film- Love is in the quirks.

“It’s been way too long. We’ve all been hiding our quirks. There are deep seated insecurities – What if the world doesn’t accept me for my idiosyncrasies and eccentricities? No longer. I’d say, come open with your quirks. Live them. Breathe them. The world will gravitate towards you. Oceedee understands the whims of a woman like no other. We’d want to reach out to all women out there and say, damn – Strut Your Quirk!”, Roma Singhal, Founder & Creative Brand Strategist, Brandself

The film perfectly justifies Oceedee’s proposition asking women to really own their personalities without fearing judgement. By asking women to open themselves and their quirks to the world, they’re really asking them to open themselves to love.

And isn’t that exactly how the right pair of shoes should make you feel?

Neha Kumthekar, Co Founder and Managing Director, Oceedee said “We are very excited to launch our first campaign. The idea of the campaign is to reach out to women in a nuanced manner by letting them own their quirks and express them boldly. Oceedee is that expression – unique, customised, comfortable and made for a perfect fit. Just the way you are! At Oceedee, we understand women like no other by not only offering exquisite designs that match international aesthetics, but also letting her celebrate a wonderful shoe affair with the perfect pair that is customised to her fit and feel rather than her feet to the shoe.”


Strategy and Conceptualization : Roma Singhal, Brand Self

Creative Team: Ritik Sachdev (Art) and Francis Thomas (Copy)


Meher Mistry & Edwin Joseph

Rachana Iyer ( Ray ) & Vandana Venkatesh

Kyla D’Souza & Sukant Goel

Merdith & Mikhail Sen

Rano and Manish Verma

Director : Ritik Sachdev

Associate Director: Nikhil Sriram

Executive / Creative Producer: Jahanara Bhargava, StoryLoft Productions

Cinematographer : Deep Meter

Editor : Akshara Prabhakar

Music Director : Ronit Chaterji.

Lyrics ‘Barefoot Cinderella’ By Jahanara Bhargava,sung by Nicole Louzado

Stylist: Saachi Bindra

Line production Bugseyeview

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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