Indore, March 06, 2018:  Indian Threads is launching its franchise module in the Garment Expo – 2018, that is to be held in Indore from 11th to 13th of March ’18. The brand is also partnering with India’s elite & major wholesalers and distributors at the event.

Indian Threads is an Indore-based company that designs and manufactures high-quality yet affordable menswear. Indian Threads is changing the fashion industry for men. Launched 2 years ago, the brand has since grown a formidable following of men eager to find the right fit as far as shirts go.

The brand is now seeking highly evolved prospects & qualified investors and entrepreneurs from across India, for partnering and starting their own business through franchise. The brand – one of Indian’s fastest growing is a pocket-friendly shirt maker – plans to open large stores through franchise in the country.

Started in Indore in 2015, Indian Threads still has a small team. The founders say that they sold only 60 shirts for the first three months. However, slowly, after product recognition and working on their sales module, they saw a rapid growth in sales. Today, Indian Threads sells over 6,000 shirts every month. Indian Threads launches new designs based on their observation of trends in lifestyle and fashion, as well as by listening to their social media followers and customers. By cutting down the time on production cycle, they are successful in launching our fresh collection with more than 50 new styles every month.

The team claims to be growing at 200 percent a year, and they say that Indian Threads is already a profitable company. Their website receives around 1,500 hits per day, with a conversion rate of 2 percent. Indian Threads has also partnered with elite lifestyle and other online apparel portals to increase their reach.

Indian Threads is not a just a mere brand name in Indianow; it is growing as much a part of every Indian men’s wardrobe, they truly believe what their tag line says, “Style For Every Story”. Sure, there are other textile majors, but none come close, to the quality and prices Indian Threads is making.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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