Now Authentic Thai & Chinese Dishes to Tingle Taste Buds Of Lucknowites

Lucknow, November 29, 2017: Lucknow city has a penchant for welcoming new culinary experiments with open arms, and in order to fuel this gastronomic flamboyance of the city, Hyatt Regency Lucknow is launching Lukjin, its grand Thai and Chinese specialty restaurant. In one of its kind hospitality endeavors in city, Lukjin will serve authentic Southeast Asian dishes and feature exotic décor. The restaurant offers 68 seats with 2 Private dining spaces with a lot of natural light. An exclusive tea bar with tea varieties from eastern regions of Thailand and China will be served in a very traditional way.

When Thailand was under the threat of being attacked by Burma, China came to their rescue. In return for their support the Thai King opened the boarders of Thailand to give residency to the Chinese. Most of the Chinese that moved to Thailand at that time were male and they married the beautiful Thai girls. To this day this mix of Thai and Chinese children are known as Luk-Jin.  LukJin restaurant celebrates the recipes of this minor community and promises to bring the authentic flavors of Luk-jin as the head chef for the restaurant will be Daratphong Sukmee, the direct descendant of this unique community.

Set to launch the extraordinary dining concept, Kumar Shobhan, General Manager, Hyatt Regency Lucknow says, “With Lukjin, we aim to not just introduce Southeast Asian cuisine, but to redefine it for the city dwellers. The restaurant will feature exotic ambience along with authentic Thai and Chinese dishes, something which has never been seen be Lucknow before”.

Traditional recipes, authentic flavors and modern cooking complement the contemporary ambience of Luk-Jin. The menu, finely crafted by Chef Daratphong Sukmee includes a selection of Thai and Chinese soups, wok noodles and rices, spicy curries, small plates, traditional drinks, cocktails and desserts. The bartenders will prepare authentic cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks for guests which will complement the food. A selection of Asian beers is another USP of the restaurant.

Thai and Chinese are one of the most popular cuisines in the world and are known for offering an astonishing blend of delicious food along with a pleasant visual and olfactory experience. The presentation of dishes is colorful and rich with varied textures. The cuisines are particularly famous for spicy curries, heavy use of coconut milk and fresh seafood. The attractiveness of the food and the richness of distinct flavors make Thai and Chinese a dining experience that can’t be missed.

“Food is no longer about just filling up your stomach but about pleasing the taste buds and  overall senses. Our culinary experts team headed by Chef Daratphong Sukmee, is going all out to present innovative dishes to arouse our patrons’ curiosity and make them delve deeper in the delight of delectable Thai and Chinese cuisines. The dishes that we will offer in Lukjin will be as authentic as possible”, said Walter Pereira, Director of Food & Beverage, Hyatt Regency Lucknow.

Lucknow has a penchant for welcoming new culinary experiments with open arms and Lukjin will fuel this gastronomic flamboyance of the city further. Hyatt Regency Lucknow is one of the biggest names in the hospitality industry of Lucknow city and enjoys huge number of fan following. The hotel is renowned for rendering fine quality dining experience, state of the art facilities and organizing innovative events and food festivals. Lukjin is another gem in Hyatt’s long list of accomplishments which have led it to become the most talked about hotel chain the city.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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