New Delhi, December 07, 2017: Want your guests to have the most relaxed stay at your hotel. Want to give them the best sleep they are hoping for at your hotel…Well, invest in an OxyMax oxygen generator! Oxygen is life. Gear up your property with one today!

Co-founded by Prodyut Bora and Narendra Bisht in July 2017, OxyMax is a path-breaking product that operates in a “split” mode, with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit harvests oxygen from the outside air and pumps it indoor, where it is dispensed by the indoor unit. This increases the oxygen level in the indoor air from its current level to 21%, creating an environment of freshness and vigour.

The air in most modern habitats is polluted, of course to varying degrees. Indoor air, unless there are specific interventions, tend to be worse than outdoor air. In fact, several studies have found indoor air quality to be upto 10 times more polluted than outside. Most people tend to combat air pollution with indoor air purifiers. While mostly helpful–and better than having nothing at all–air purifiers are not an comprehensive solution to the problem. This is because what an indoor air purifier does is catch particulate matters circulating through its vents. This is passive technology. What it does not do is actively change the mixture of air.

Good quality air–what is called Mountain Fresh–is a mixture of about 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% other gases. In most cities the oxygen level in outdoor air is around 19%, indoor even less. This leads to a whole host of problems: some immediate and some long-term. Immediate effects consists of people feeling breathless, drowsiness and listless; no wonder so many corporate professionals seek so many coffee breaks and cigarette breaks during the course of a day! Long-term effect of oxygen deprivation is a loss of immunity and vitality.

The OxyMax range of oxygen generators work actively to maintain 21% oxygen level in ambient air. In terms of look, they appear pretty much like a Split AC with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. But that is where the difference ends. While ACs merely recirculate indoor air, OxyMax oxygen generators harvest oxygen from air using the outdoor unit, and distributes it inside using the indoor unit.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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