By. Rumana Khan.

Eshu And Mom

In this fast pace world where parents, for even small issues run to counselors, there exist a community of mom bloggers who share tips, tricks and lot of other useful information to help raise kids. This article is written by one such mom blogger. She blogs on Instagram under the name of Eshuandmom. Rumana Khan, blogger behind this popular Instablog cover topics such as right nutrition, educational toy reviews, acitivities and other relevant topics. She is rising an active 2 year old kid and all of this is based on her experience. You can check her Instablog here.

This article in particular is about the review of an activity box, FirstCry Intellikit launched by Mahindra.

I am always on a look out to create an environment where Eshu can spend quality time with his grandparents. So when I heard about the firstcry intelliket (which is the hottest topic amongst all my momie friends) I decided to order for one !

And it was an instant hit with both of them.(Hard to say who enjoyed more) Thank you firstcryintelliket !

It was such a relaxing and delightful sight to see both of them spending such amazing quality time with each other while I could sit back and capture these precious moments.
Eshu absolutely had fun. Since we have just started to give him puzzles, he was thrilled to see the flowers puzzle (which so far is his favourite) he loved the colours and wanted to revise his colour skills. After a few tries when he was finally able to complete the puzzle , it was a site to watch. And now Eshu looked more confident to take on the next activity.

Finding puzzles and activities that would interest a toddler as young as 25 months is a task, they have a very short attention span and motor skills which are still developing but looks like the firstcry Intelliket team has done deep research to put together this kit , it’s fun, educative, engaging and I am so glad it is helping not just me but so many momie to reduce screen time for their kids.

I would definitely recommend you to try this kit out…. 🔆 This kit has 9 different activities, all of which solves different purpose of learning and are carefully packed individually so there’s absolutely no confusion. 🔆 It has a lovely story book as well which has big and colourful pictures appropriate for Eshu age. 🔆 It also has a learning calendar and a tracker which helps me track his development along with a sheet of stickers .

Its non messy and super simple, Eshu’s Nana Sab (grandfather) could read the manual that came along with each set and carry out the entire activity by himself without any of my assistance. (Hence I could click some decent pictures)
So incase you are planning to buy it you can avail a superb 70% discount on a three month subscription of Intellikit by using my coupon code “EshuNmom”. Hope you have fun with it just like we did !

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