New Delhi, June 13, 2018: Your dad was the one who probably bought you your first bicycle, the one who stood on the sidelines at your games and taught you a plethora of valuable life lessons.

Now, since your dad has probably given you a lifetime of sage advice, we’re here with some sage advice of our own: it’s time to trade in that tie you get him every year for some out-of-the-box gift ideas. We’ve put together a list of need-to-know pointers to help get you started.

Fiorella is here to remind you that Father’s Day is right around the corner — it’s close enough that you should start putting some thought into it, but far enough that you still have time to figure out just how you’re going to surprise him. Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 17th this year and we’re here to help you give the perfect gift.

With the latest collection, Fiorella offers a field of flowers ranging from Roses to Tulips, and Hydrangeas to Peonies packaged in a way that will definitely leave a big smile on your mother’s face.

This year for Father’s Day, Fiorella has customized beautiful boxes with variety of flowers packaged in different sizes and shapes. Launching their cubes in all new colours and design, one is left spoilt for choice. The roses look superbly beautiful in these boxes, with each rose in its place like they were sculpted just for her eyes to ponder on.

Latest additions:

  • Printed roses: Print the perfect message on the roses, making the flowers extremely personalized
  • Mirror box
  • Wooden rosetube box
  • Cube Box:
  • Colour variant: Maroon, Baby Pink, Lavender and Grey
  • Flower Variant : Lilies, Hydrangeas and Roses
  • Custom Moustache Box

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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