New Delhi, December 29, 2018: Launched in 2017 by Mr. Atul Marwah, a 4th generation woodpreneur, EvoWood is a wood engineering brand that provides versatile solution for manifold interior and structural applications in homes, offices, hotels etc. The brand aims to simplify woodworking and provide unprecedented solutions and applications to the industry. The name “EvoWood” comes from the word “Evolving” (Evo) and the core product “Wood”, which is the essence of the company meaning “Woodworking Evolved“.

From trading in timber to processing it into finished products, EvoWood comes with a rich legacy of more than a century in the lumber and manufacturing vertical. With an array of unique products and concepts, EvoWood combines experience with expertise to produce innovatively designed solid wood products that blend aesthetics with practical utility distinguishing it from the rest of the interior industry.  

EvoWood offers products ranging from economical to premium, making them affordable and viable for all kinds of applications.  The brand is the first ever entity that has introduced unique 3.5mm thick solid wood sheets in the world. The 3.5 mm sheets known as EvoLlae come in various species of solid wood making it versatile and easy to use. These sheets can be applied in places such as wall paneling systems, ceiling, flooring, staircases, doors, wardrobes, modular furniture among many other interior and exterior applications.

Some of the products in their portfolio include:

·         3.5mm sheets which are available in up to 10 ft height and 6 ft width

·         Sandwich Panels which is a three layer product with the 2.5mm sheet as the top layer making the product sturdier and easier to use

·         Modular wall paneling system that can be installed in a matter of minutes without any substrate glue or nailing

·         Ready to use lumber

·         Engineered wooden steps 

These products, which are unique in concept and design, are made using top-grade seasoned wood sourced from ecologically sustainable forests. EvoWood uses various wood species such as Burmese Teak, CP Teak, American Walnut, White Oak, White Ash, Pine and Persian Lilac.

Sharing his experience of more than three decades in woodworking and manufacturing, Mr. Atul Marwah, Founder and Managing Director, EvoWood says, “Woodworking has been generational for us. My great-grandfather started the lumber business in the late 19th century which was built upon by subsequent generations. We acquired forests in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, post which wholesale hubs were established in Amritsar, Pathankot and Jammu. Witnessing the transition of lumber from first getting exported and then dwindling to a point of extinction, made me want to handle this gift of nature in more sensitive and tactful way. The aim behind EvoWood is to simplify woodworking by providing easy to use solutions to the industry. Contrary to the flawed perception, wood is considered as the most eco-friendly product in the building industry. Due to its qualities of biodegradability and being regenerative in nature, it makes wood a sustainable resource without harming the planet/environment.” 

In the words of Mr. Avijit Marwah, Director, Evowood, “In today’s day and age, every industry is undergoing major developments and innovations, but unfortunately, woodworking has not witnessed the kind of change that is possible, especially considering the fact that it is one of the longest standing building materials in existence. The creativity and versatility that wood provides are enormous but at the same time woodworking requires a lot of skill and knowledge. There aren’t enough players in the industry today with the right knowledge and expertise. As someone who has seen wood being a part of our day to day conversations, I feel it is not only imperative but our responsibility to bring back the charm of woodworking in its contemporary scenario. We hope to make EvoWood synonymous to woodworking.”

To expand its base and reach out to more consumers and educate them on the art and application of wood, EvoWood is planning to launch a showroom in Mumbai in November. 


Price Range – Starts from Rs 150-600 per square feet

Address – EvoWood, 412 MG Road, Gurgaon

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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