New Delhi, july 23, 2018: What – The play starts with an aged Chanakya in a conversation with Megasthenes while revisiting a part of his past when he came face to face with the Greek emperor Alexander.
Alexander is ready to march against Porus, king of Puru. Chanakya on Porus behalf talks to Alexander trying to find grounds for truce. Chanakya fails and eventually Alexander defeats Porus in the Battle of Jhelum. Furthermore, Alexander decides to invade Magadha which is currently ruled by the Nanda dynasty. However, Alexander’s wife Roxanne plays a crucial role in manipulating his stance on the forthcoming war. Also, his army protests against another battle and he is compelled to return home. On his way back, he visits Chanakya in Takshila and engages in a conversation about politics, imperialism and diplomacy. The play on the whole talks about contemporary issues interwoven with historical occurrences.

Date: July 22, 2018

Time: 6:30pm

Fees: INR 250

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