New Delhi, September 24, 2018: ELANPRO, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, recently introduced serve over counters for the retail industry. ELANPRO Serve Over Counter is a multiplex refrigerated display fridge for the presentation and sale of various food products. A versatile solution, the new serve and preserve comes with a customized colour option to match the décor.

An essential product for a vibrant food retail environment, ELANPRO Serve Over Counter combines modern technology and ergonomic design.  Available in four sizes (1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2400mm), the product is designed to suit spaces of various sizes ensuring maximum product display potential. The product is ideal for storage and sale of fresh produce such as meat, dairy products, poultry, frozen food and fresh bread and fish amongst. The components used are of exceptional quality, ensuring that these appliances can confidently withstand the hectic routines of everyday working life.

The homogeneous refrigeration range also boasts of high compositional flexibility with front glass open option and a curved element for ease-of –use and hygiene. ELANPRO Serve over Counter uses s refrigerant delivering high levels of energy efficiency and reliability.  A fully automatic product, the plug-in or remote product features automatic defrosting,adjustable feet, interior light with a switch, a digital controller and temperature display.

Considering presentation has become a vital part of any business, these serve over counters can change the appearance, customer experience and possible revenue of a retail outlet. The product is now available at ELANPRO dealer stores.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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