Mumbai, October 16, 2018: Vidhi Singhania, a renowned fashion designer and an advocate of Indian textiles, to exhibit her latest collection of ethereal sarees in her exhibition titled ‘Treasured Textiles 2018’. This exquisite exhibition will take place on Saturday, 13th October 2018 at ‘The Sunset Lounge’ at The Trident Oberoi Hotel, Nariman Point between 10 AM to 7 PM.

Saree has been and still is a powerful cultural symbol in our country. It has been a long-standing symbol for an Indian woman in the worldview. Vidhi Singhania’s latest collection of handwoven Banaras and Kotah Sarees ensembles, embroidered Blouses & Batwas stays true to this oldest and the only surviving unstitched piece of clothing. Her casual range evokes a cheerful charm to everyday wear and her zaris and jaals mesmerize the fashion and luxury connoisseurs.

The inspirations have always been overtly deep-rooted in tradition. The serene yet striking Lord Buddha collection, the auspicious parrots and anaar motifs, the dedicated madhu makkhi and her chhatta, the delicate titlis in silver and gold, the birds in flight denoting freedom and philosophy; the fun and quirky anaanaas motifs and the checkmate collection; the revival jaals such as the gorgeous gharchola and the jamawars, the kilangi buta- the bridegroom’s royal mark of honour; birds perched on a majestic tree inspired from Vrindavan’s Sanjhi work – threading together our rich culture and heritage. All in all, this Vidhi Singhania collection reflects her style, refined glamour with an enchanting understated opulence.

Ranging from solid colour blocking to pastel hues, coupled with immaculate techniques, one common thread that binds the creations is the finesse of the loom and the dexterity of Vidhi Singhania, which add depth, which reflects not just in the saree, but the one who wears it. Treasured Textiles 2018 promises to be a tasteful and ethereal experience for all the attendees.


‘The Sunset Lounge’ at

The Trident Oberoi Hotel,

Nariman Point, Mumbai


13th October 2018


10 AM to 7 PM

Her collection is available online at

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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