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New Delhi, June 20, 2018: Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet and rest everything will fall in place. A well-made rug is the cynosure of the home, a conversation-starter and an extension of your personality. While conventional designs like Persian, Abstract, Geometric, Kilims, Ikat, Oriental and others have found favour with consumers across the world, the latest trend of customizing a carpet is on the upswing.

When we talk customization, we mean it to the last knotted detail, design and colour pallete. Want to redo your daughter’s room with a rug inspired by her favourite Chantilly lace dress? Want to replicate your son’s avant garde art work as a floor covering? Wish to make a memory come alive on a carpet? Just bring in the ideas and OBEETEE – country’s leading manufacturer and exporter of hand-knotted carpets will make this magic happen. The brand has launched its quick ship OBEETEE Express Program that allows one to customize the rugs as per their choice and delivers in less than two months!

The dynamic team of designers and master weavers at OBEETEE understand the growing needs of the discerning consumer and is happy to take on this challenge. The brand encourages their customers to explore their own creativity and commission a unique piece that is perfectly tailored to their personal style. Customizing your rug will mean it will fit your home perfectly and add a unique character to it. One can also visualize their custom rug by selecting one of the many room setting options. Room accessories (curtains, furniture, etc.) can be adjusted to match your design needs.

OBEETEE is one of the largest hand-made rug makers in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world. The brand introduces ‘OBEETEE Express‘- a program that helps the customer to customize their rugs as per their choice. The customers can choose from hundreds of designs available on OBEETEE website or can submit can their own design as well. Each design can be recoloured using the OBEETEE color bank (200 stocked colors in 100% New Zealand Wool) and resized as per their specifications. One can visualize the custom rug as per the many room settings on the website. All these designing can be done in minimum of duration – 2 weeks lead time for strike –offs after rendering approval and 6-8 weeks production time for most sizes. With this program, OBEETEE is aiming to be more customer-friendly by giving them the opportunity not only to be a designer for their own home but also providing them with a customized gifting options for the occasions. The program also helps the brand to know their customer’s requirements and choices of colors, their preferred designs and materials of rugs for their homes. Any design can be customized in wool, wool & silk or viscose in any size.

Visit OBEETEE website and start designing the rugs as per the required room settings and choose the designs and patterns that would suit your home.   For details, visit: OBEETEE EXPRESS

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