New delhi, April 18, 2018: New-age technologies and practices are making the world a smarter place. However, with development comes the responsibility of maintaining a sustainable environment. With a vision to foster the cause, Zedpack is an organization ushering in a healthy trend, by creating non-woven shopping bags.

Becoming a helping hand in the movement for change, Zedpack aims to deliver non-woven designer and packaging bags. Our range of bags offers quality and style alike. Keeping innovation as the central value, we understand the importance of waste management, and how our product line can accelerate the transition from plastic bags to non-woven bags.

Using polypropylene fabric, Zedpack’s bags are 100 per cent recyclable, durable, washable and light weight. Besides being instrumental in saving the environment, they are also trendy and chic.

Our motto to go green drives our strategy. We aim to spread the message with our range of shopping bags. Also, plastic free superheroes are what we like to call our patrons. A non-woven shopping bag highlights your compassionate attitude towards the environment. Moreover, it helps in spreading an important message.

In a likely manner, Zedpack’s non-woven bag range is available for product packaging. We offer packaging solutions to all kinds of industries. Be it food products like rice, wheat, etc., or any other category of products, we have a non-woven, high quality bags for all. Besides, we offer designer bags to retail outlets, which increase the appeal of their products. In addition to being cost-effective, it broadens their chances to retain customers.

With a varied product range that is manufactured parallel to our motto, we create non-woven shopping bags and packaging bags in multiple categories.

Non-woven box type bags

BOPP laminated non-woven box type bags; metalized box type bags, shimmer non-woven box type bags and many more varieties are available in this range. The box type bags have ample space and act as a partner for multiple purposes such as boxing bulky products, cartons, etc.

Non-woven shopping bags

Zedpack’s shopping bag range offers you plentiful space and strength. Choose from non-woven D-Cut bags, non-woven loop handle bags, metallic non-woven fabric roll/bag, etc., and make it your companion while going out shopping.

Non-woven packaging bags

Zedpack provides non-woven rice packaging bags, pulses bags, tea bags, pesticides bags and more for multiple commercial needs.

Beneficial to the user and environment, Zedpack’s range of bags goes through various stages of design, creation, storage and management strategies. Being unique and cost-effective, our bags protect your products from UV rays, moisture and oxidization.

Sharing the responsibility to go green, Zedpack associates the change in the mentality of people with our success. In the drive to make a positive change, the company is inclined towards delivering the exact prototype that you have in mind for your business needs.

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