By Mr. Anil Lala (Founder & Director of Fanzart India)

Feature walls have long been a hot home interiors trend, but it’s time for this trend to step aside, as feature ceilings are set to be the hottest home interiors trend of 2018 – Believe it or not!

Undoubtedly our Ceilings bring a great scope for decoration, yet it seems a strange defect in our modern method of decoration, where we stereotype the options available. The ceiling being, the crowning glory of a room, and the part most seen, shouldn’t it have more importance? For instance, in many mansions, the walls of the principal rooms are highly decorated with expensive papers,and then covered with pictures, bric-a-br; acwhile the floor is covered with carpets, to say nothing of furniture; but the ceiling spreads its broad blank waste of whiteness above, expressionless and inartistic to a great degree.  Over the years, many creative homeowners have come up with a stunning array of fun feature ceilings. To bring the statement Ceilings we have the patterned wallpapers, bold themes and colours, to bring a sense of uniqueness to the room. Then we have, Ceiling Murals, another popular art form, that’s often associated with grand palaces, adopting the same style of grandeur in the home. Furthermore, we have the Statement Lighting that creates stunning images onto the walls – A few of the HOT favourites unleash your inner artist to add an interesting element to even the smallest and dullest of rooms.

But what’s unexplored, and shall now bring attention, are the Ceiling Fans – Gone are the days of the boring white blanket of the ceiling as the newest trendshall make use of the ‘Fifth wall’ bringing a whole new vibe to your room, that flips the traditional design upside down. Dwelling on this subject further, Pinterest has also very recently reported a 300% increase in number of searches for ‘statement ceilings’ during 2017. Several designers have also reported on this grand design statement in what could be seen as a tribute to a bygone age.

Ceiling fans are an imperative part of every home & have seen a massive shift from traditional designs, to making room for more whimsical, of-the-moment decor. With ‘Fans’ elevating to ‘Designer Fans’ a new age Luxury begins in India. The new age Luxury brings the perfect harmony in glamour and innovation. Though one of the most neglected Home Décor idea ‘Ceiling Fans’ shall have all the focus in the Year 2018.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your home entirely, or just give it a few fresh updates, Designer Ceiling Fans are the hottest trend, which shall bring Major inspiration ahead.With advanced functionalities that focus on 3X airflow (better and more consistent), bi-directional rotation, reversible blades; to the touch of technology; Fans integrated with Bluetooth speaker, chandelier + fan, human tracker etc., the new age market has left no stone unturned. With aesthetics that drive the attention and features that sync with the new age audience, the Ceiling art for the Fifth wall is a clear winner, an innovator in the category. Let’s paint the canvas exclusive to your style!

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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