New Delhi, November 12, 2017: Big Boy Toyz, the one-stop destination in India to buy the world’s most iconic high-end exotic cars manufactured by legends of the automobile industry, has decided to let prospective buyers get a whiff of its presence, in both proverbial and the literal sense of the word! Conceptualized by founder Jatin Ahuja and Chief Operating Officer Ritka Jatin Ahuja, BBT is set to unveil its merchandise with the launch of perfume range called Big Boy Toyz-Gold Edition. The company has planned an investment of USD 5 million in the development of merchandise with an initial investment of USD 1 million in new product line. BBT Gold edition promises to be a scent that packs nobility, luxury and youthful dynamism, reflecting the qualities of BBT as a brand.

Through this decision, BBT aims to diversify its operations, extend its reach to the target audience and strengthen its foothold in the luxury products market by establishing itself as a multi-faceted brand. It has acquired the basic fragrance from Germany, while the beautiful bottle has been ornamented in Spain.

Commenting on the perfume, Jatin Ahuja, BBT Founder and Managing Director, Big Boy Toyz said, “BBT, through its core business of dealing in iconic, high-value cars, has always been associated with a fine taste, rich choice and unparalleled aristocracy. All of this, and more, finds its reflection in a bottle of BBT-Gold Edition. It has a woody aroma that gives out the subtle warmth of amber.This perfume is the brainchild of Ritika Ahuja and a much loved project of the entire BBT team. Through this perfume, we want our brand to reach every household and to be recalled as a top-quality provider of exotic products that speak of a refined taste and impeccable quality.”

Symbolizing power, dynamism and controlled energy circumscribed by a pleasant attitude and lots of zest, BBT-Gold Edition comprises bergamot, cucumber, mint amidst a backdrop of powerful cedar, sweet Tonka and musk, along with aromatic herbs and selected spices, as its core ingredient. The perfume will be soldin a 100 ml bottle.

The bottle will be exclusively available for booking on BBT website.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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