New Delhi, July 07, 2018: Among many new ventures announced at the Reliance IndustriesNSE 1.35 %’ 41st annual general meeting today in Mumbai, one was the future vision for Reliance Retail. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, unveiled ambitious targets for its retail business and made it clear that JioPhone would be a vital component in the retail play.

“With the added functionalities and strong retail presence across India, the goal that I have now set for our Jio team is to enable 100 million users on this JioPhone platform in the shortest possible time and create another world record,” he said, highlighting how JioPhone users will provide a base for Reliance Retail.

According to report published in Ambani said the new technology would help in integrating physical and digital marketplaces. “Jio has enabled Reliance to strategically reinvent itself as a technology

platform company. Digital platforms have become the new-age factories and service providers,” he said.

Sharing the retail roadmap for the group with shareholders, Ambani said that the company is constantly focusing on improving its retail networks and was trying to redefine it with the help of Jio, which he said will provide connectivity to all small and large scale merchants in India.

Reliance will bring immersive shopping experience with the help of augmented reality and holographic technology. “We see our biggest growth in creating a hybrid, online-to-offline new commerce platform of 35 crore customer footfalls at Reliance Retail, 21.5 crore Jio customers



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