• Started the company with the investment of 10 lac rupees in the year 2012 and now Ambrane India has a turnover of 150 Cr What has been the business strategy for this success? 

Ambrane has become synonym to Power Banks in India. We began our journey in the Year 2012, with an investment of only 10 lakhs and followed by several developments. Ambrane in a very short span of time has built its own success story especially in the Market where Power Banks were not well known, we have become no.1 in the category and also have become a synonym to being the Industry players. Today Ambrane has sold over 5 million users of power banks in India which we proudly call the Trustworthy customers that has made us the no.1 in India. 

Our business strategy has been to bring innovative solutions with latest technology exclusively designed for the Indian Markets. Our products with International quality at the most prudent prices have connected well with the Indian Consumers. Also we took the risk of being an Online Brand when the Ecomm space was very new, this itself has reaped several benefits to us, the first mover advantage before the clutter has built the strongest recall for us. Now we are focusing to offline trade aggressively.

  • Tell us about Ambrane India’s manufacturing facility with regards to its location, size, capacity, product portfolio and so on. How many investments have you made the same so far? 

Regarding manufacturing we were first factory who has started manufacturing of power bank dedicatedly in India with a focus on quality. We already have our manufacturing unit set up in Kundli, Sonipat Haryana  with advanced machinery set & state of the art technology we are able to scale up our production capacity upto5 Lakh units per month, our manufacturing units are at the moment not only focused on Power Banks but also includes USB cables and all types of chargers. We have our own R&D team in India, that includes technical & Quality Department in Manufacturing Unit and at the moment we plan to Invest more in R&D as compared to last years. 

We have done extensive business with Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal and have consistently been most demanding with them when it comes to brand preferencewhich are not only limited to the Festive Seasons but even otherwise. In terms of our Product Portfolio, it includes Smart Wearables, Power Banks, Wireless audio devices and portable bluetooth speaker. We are looking at further diversification, in sync with the ongoing trends of the Industry.

  • What are your global marketing strategies and goals?

We are planning to engage with global partners and will start our international operations from Middle East Asia in this financial year. We are introducing some very unique products in various category which will help us to build our brand presence outside India as well. Also approaching international partner we are participating in various International exhibitions to showcase our product range. Our goal is to position Ambrane at a good place Globally.

  • What kind of support you provide to your channel partners? 

Overall, we are quite grateful that we are working in this age when ecommerce is on high boom. We highly rate contribution of our online partners – Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, PayTm and others for our success. They have really supported us in getting to the position where we are today. 

For our offline partner we are now providing various marketing support to showcase complete product range in retail shops as wellwe are working with them to create specific products for their customer based on their inputs and help them grow in their Business. Also, we support them by including their branding in our all our marketing activities. 

  • Currently, what is your market share and what is your target for the next two ears?


We are having over 20% share in the power bank market. In coming 2 years our target is to reach upto 25% of the market share. To boost Service support – Currently we are having 400+ support/service centers across India and we are focusing to build best in-class service support infrastructure for our customers.Also along with the offline service, online service too remains our key focus area as we are also a very strong online brand.

  • What are your big plans for 2019 and beyond. 

The focus will be on introducing and adding more categories in our portfolio, apart from new categories we will be introducing new segments and products in our existing categories as well with a clear vision to become a leading brand in mobile accessories.We see a lot of potentials in offline market segment and trying our best to increase our market share in it.  We already are available in 16 states and targeting for rest. We are also continuously adding more innovative products in our portfolio by analysing market trends, other factors etc.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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