New Delhi, January 11, 2019: Great Living comes from a distinct style. As is exclusivity the key to leaving an indelible impression on your guests. Address home with their latest launch of Linen collections brings out that element of a style sui generis in each. Their linen carries a signature style which is lauded over for its contemporary and eclectic design sensibility.

Rajat Singhi, also known as the Tsar of Eclectic-Chic, the Founder & Creative Director is the force behind this line of woven magic. When Singhi ruminates about his inspirations on his travels, he brings the world home. He picks up a design era or a culture and gives it a modern twist. It’s the perfect amalgamation of old and new which gives all his designs a contemporary look. Let’s take a peek into the new range of signature linen designed to perfection in tasteful colors with expert craftsmanship.

Sauvage – The Call of the Wild

Our re-imagination of a decadent French Boudoir with genre-defying, wild imagery brought out intricately in vivid jewel tones. The luxe velveteen base of this bold, wildlife-inspired premium linen range serves well for the upcoming Fall & Festive season. The rich hue – of that of – precious rubies, emeralds and yellow sapphire is balanced with the timeless ivory and gold.

This collection depicts the flora and fauna on its surface. The motifs and patterns carry bold imagery created with fine craftsmanship with hand as well as thread embroidery accented by the gold zari. From flying storks, to coat of arms with a crown, a lone gold lion to a queen bee, a sinuous viper to a tiger in the garden, this range carries different personages of the wild kingdom.

With such animal instincts on the prowl, your living spaces will be transformed overnight. The finer details of this cushion range carry silken fringes, corded flanges, and expertly-crafted tassels to add to an indulgent quality towards it’s plush look. The animal charm takes a sharper note, as does your decor style, when you introduce Sauvage to your abode. Make your dens, bed chambers and other living spaces roar with élan.

Sapphire – The True Blue Story

Metallic embroidery, hand-embellishments and the glow of heritage brocade like surfaces meet geometric patterns in our stunning collection. This range plays with some brilliant shades of blue and grey. Through expert handcrafting inspired from antique Persian styles, given a modern touch, our Sapphire Collection with its expert craftsmanship takes the color blue to sublime heights.  Rich velvets with beadwork and metallic thread give a luxurious textured effect to the entire range.

 Sapphire radiates light and glamour across the various styles.  Never before was light captured so immaculately and intricately as a nature’s gift.  Never before were the resplendent shades of blues used so beautifully.  The elegant shades of blue with stylish patterns and beautiful textures, acquires a special luster through meticulous hand-crafting in this collection.  The collection uses Zari embroidery and Quilting techniques in a pleasing mix of patterns that elevate the used fabrics.

Rouge – Vintage Re-imagined

Our take on Vintage French style mixed with an up-to-the-minute color palette makes Rouge a must-have collection for the season. These French influenced design has been flawlessly embroidered on a velveteen base. The opulent bedrooms of palaces are detail-perfect in this heritage collection. Inspired from the ladies ball room gowns and their effortlessly elegant decorative style brings out a higher taste. The grandeur of the by-gone era has been captured masterfully for modern spaces. Seeking inspiration from the latticed walls and floral patterns, this densely hand-embroidered pieces are a show stopper. When old world charm gets a stroke modern styling, the results are dramatic & breath-taking. The leafy pattern reminisces one of a French garden and hints at giving Rouge the best chamber.

Address Home’s entire range of their signature linen carries something to cater to all styles, whether it is a contemporary abode or a classic home. Giving makeovers to living rooms and bed chambers will be high on agenda with these fabulous home and bed linen collections.

Medici – The Festive Flavor

Inspired from the Villas in Florence which cradle the luxury Renaissance ambience. Plush embroidered velvets in tones of burgundy and sea-green rub shoulders with Romanesque gilded design inspiration and opulent surfaces.  This is reminiscent of lavish ballroom parties where silks and velvets glittered under elaborate baroque chandeliers and wine flowed from exquisite goblets. This collection has been given a contemporary twist to the renaissance colors and textures to create a trendsetting modern look. The colors and styles together create a setting that is warm, exclusive and rich.  This range is a beautiful synergy between the old traditions and new trendsetting styles.

Blanc – The Neutral Story

A nomadic inspiration straight from the Arctic defines our Blanc collection in all neutrals which carries a very clean and modern outlook. May it be the geometrical patterned patch work or an eight-pointed star in laser cut, the play of animal hide and camel-colored suede against grey velveteen base makes it a modern choice. Immaculate craftsmanship meets contemporary sensibility to create a linen collection that rests boldly in your living room, bedroom or a den.

A few pieces carry elaborate lattice screen designs from ancient Persia in a modern rendition. Some come with Indo-European designs that takes inspiration from Celtic motifs, creating a looped geometrical pattern. Certain cushions showcase nature inspired motifs from dragonflies to foliage. The surfaces are brought alive in gold with hand embroidery of dabka-work, sequins and metallic foiling, accompanied by neat tone-on-tone computer quilting and double needle technique. Blanc has a contemporary & inordinate style – this collection is certainly a keeper.

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